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Our Service

A Life of Freedom

Transform your mind
Manifest your life of freedom

Free yourself from blocks,
Activate your own power
Manifest your life, a life of freedom


You are dreaming of…

a life you are in love with

You are dreaming of living a life that is aligned with who you are, aligned with your values, full of joy and adventures

Feeling safe & at peace

You want to feel nurished, fulfilled, at peace within yourself and with others. You want to feel safe in an everchanging, fast paced world.

& Clarity

You are dreaming of being able to face life’s uncertainties with calm and confidence, to take on challenges that arise with courage, while being able to soothe fears, doubts, and anxious thoughts and feelings.

In one word, you want to live a life that suits you perfectly,
a life where you choose who you want to be and what you want to do with it!

You may feel like your emotions intertwine and are taking over and this leaves you feeling overwhelmed and with this feeling of having to go through life, survive rather than really live and enjoy your life

The truth is

Those states are not inevitable and what you are feeling does not define who you are and your life.

Our experience, as human being, is one of growth. 
This is why you are feeling so much, so you can learn and grow.

You can initiate the changes you want and free yourself from the cage in which you feel trapped in from the moment you choose to.

This is the purpose of the work I do!

My offer

Intuitive Coaching
with RTT®

Through individual coaching sessions, I take you on a transformational journey which allows you to free yourself from the chains holding you back from living the life you truly desire.

This process rests on a combination of intuitive coaching and RTT® (Rapid Transformational Therapy) that have proven to be highly effective for fast shifts in behaviours. Therefore you access the ability to manifest the life you desire.

What is Intuitive Coaching?

I use my intuition and inner-knowing ability to guide you through your transformational journey.
I recommend tools or techniques that match your needs to take you from where you are to where you want to be.
And with the RTT® sessions, I guide you through the process of removing the blocks in the way of you manifesting the life you desire, a life you are in love with.

What is RTT®?

Rapid Transformational Therapy® is an effective and powerful process and set of techniques to release negative emotions attached to past events (such as anger, fear, sadness, hurt and guilt) so you can be free from the past and empowered to design the future… the way you want it.

Compared to traditional therapies, it takes minutes rather than days or months to achieve impressive results and feel free to live a life of freedom.

What makes it so empowering is that you are in control and able to bring about change the way you want it.

You move out of this experience

with a sense of freedom and empowerment on all levels

This journey, that I am proposing to you, is going to enable you to

> release any blocks in your emotional and mental realms
> develop and strengthen your connection to the Universe, so you feel supported
> rebalance any unbalanced energies in your body

which are all in the way of your global well-being and the life that you truly desire

Imagine in 6 months from now…

– Feeling grounded, strong and stable, confident in yourself and in life
– Feeling at peace, light and full of vitality daily
– Feeling fully supported and knowing clearly how you can move forward
– Concretizing projects that nourish you and that you hold dear
– Living in harmony with yourself and others
– Facing life challenges with serenity and courage
– Creating your life the way you want

at peace, manifest, grounded

I am ready to manifest my life of freedom!

Here is what is awaiting you…